How to Write Better Blog Posts of 2000+ words Fast

How to write better blog post

When learning how to write better blog posts fast, there are bumps that can stop you. but today we will stir you in the right direction, so you can write a good post.

How to write better blog post
I am sitting here wondering how do I help you understand how to write better blog posts fast that can make you money online. Without proper knowledge of some blog writing format, this may take a longer time to achieve.
It is obvious that some of the beginners find this difficult. Today I want you and me to have the perfect understanding of writing a good blog post.
Some years back you only needed to stuff your keywords into a blog post to rank.
These days the world online has evolved and with it GOOGLE Algorithms.
But Wait! What happened?
Google Algorithm happened and with each of the search engine’s new updates came a new era.
This is a discussion for another day but you can read up Marie Haynes blog post on Algorithm changes.


  • How to find blog post ideas for beginners
  • How to Research Unique Blog Post Ideas
  • Do an introduction with Brian Deans APP formula
  • Break the main topic into subheadings
  • Write paragraphs of 3-4 lines long in the blog post
  • Interlink to other blog posts within and outside the site
  • use good quality images
  • end with a conclusion

How to Find Blog Post Ideas For Beginners

When trying to find a good blog post idea, it is important beginners consider what I call the AIDA-FORMULA. But first, do you have a blog your own blog? If no then check my post on how to start a blog. and if you already have a blog then continue engaging yourself.
AIDA FORMULA is my favorite step on how to write better blog posts. This is because a quality blog post must command Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.
Curious to know?


  • A- stands for ATTENTION
  • I- stands for INTEREST
  • D- means DESIRE
  • A- this means ACTION


How to Create Blog Post With AIDA Formula

whenever I talk to my student about how to write better blog posts, I mention the AIDA FORMULA.  The AIDA FORMULA is my go-to guy whenever I need to find a new blog post idea.
As an amateur blogger, you should also use this for guidance, I recommend you follow the steps in order to know how to write a quality blog.
ATTENTION: Your blog post title must command attention.
there are millions of blog post that is been published every minute so yours needs to stand apart.
Building your own blog post is easy provided you know what title to go with.
Using your post title is one of the AIDA FORMULA you and I can use to build a blog post that is entertaining.
Still, on attention, I am stressing on this because not everyone tells you this.
It is one of the killer strategies to get the attention you need off your visitors.
INTEREST: It is one thing to get the interest of your audience but then what?
It is simple, give them something to digest with ease.
It is fact that when people get satisfied, they return to that which gave them such satisfaction.
and what better way is there than writing something of interest.
DESIRE: It is not enough to give the visitors to your website INTEREST alone.
You see desire, give them the desire and make them want it.
When you do this, then they do be ready to take action and cough good money for whatever your scaling.
Know that one way of doing this is by making good on your promise.
ACTION: Action is the last stage of the AIDA formula. This is because the best should be saved for last.
Desire is key to action because the average human being visiting a site has a desire to be met.
Once you give him or her(visitors of a website or blog) then they are likely to follow by taking action.
So you see now that picking a blog post topic isn’t as tedious as it should be.
If you can follow the AIDA FORMULA and use it as a guide then you well underway.

How to Research Unique Blog Post Ideas

One of the key ways I research unique blog post ideas is by using buzzsumo.
All that you need is take your blog post topic and insert it into the tool.
Buzzsumo does the rest to provide you with the rest information.
It is imperative you pay attention to the number of shares from social media each of the sites gets.
This is the statistic you need to determine that your post may be successful and appeal to your audience.
View the number of shares on each of the posts on Buzzsumo. take time to study each competitors post.
Do this for the ten top posts on Buzzsumo, so you get how to write better blog posts.
Try to understand how each writer lay down their understanding of the topic discussed.
This method gives you the idea to write from your point of view and thoughts.
When skimming your competition content, be sure not to copy them because this for me is a total disaster.
I said a disaster because it means you are not creative. I am sure the world wants to hear your thoughts.
Give it to them and find your own voice amidst the crowd. you will be surprised to see lots of different people wants to hear your voice.
A good blog post research equals success in the blogging industry.
Nobody wants to read crappy details about a topic. and in other to avoid this, it is necessary to do good research.
Use Quora and Find Unique Content. Forums are another good place for finding quick blog post ideas.
Quora for one is top notch, go to quora and type in a search for your blog post research.
I love Quora because they have numerous niche that provides the answer to almost any question.
Heck! The platform also gives you trending topics to blog about.
Other places to come up with blog post ideas that make money is;
  • Using Google auto suggest
  • Send a survey to your email list, on Facebook, twitter even LinkedIn.
  • Pay attention to what is trending on social media.
  • Follow blogs in your niche that are already successful.
The above list is my personal how to find topics to write about. But you are free to reverse-engineer it.
Here is the interesting stuff!

Do an Introduction With Brian Deans APP Formula

Brian Dean is one of the gurus in the SEO industry. and if you still have not been thinking about SEO, you live in a dark age.
Brian Dean, as well as entrepreneurs like Neil Patel, have made SEO for beginners a lot easy.
You wish to start learning Seo from scratch then Brian Dean Seo is a good place to start up.
Here is the Juice!
Brian deans APP formula is a unique strategy that I have found very cool so, I make use of it all the time.
The APP formula stands for “Agree, Preview and Promise”.
Agreeing is a simple strategy that you should often use in your blog post.
You may care to ask “why must I use this strategy?
This helps your audience to feel relax. It gives them the idea that the writer totally gets what their search intent is.
A better way of doing this is in this example ( assume someone googled ” How to repair a PC”.
In your content, you tell the person that repairing a PC can be hard but it does not have to be.
This takes you to preview and by previewing, I mean giving the person a brief insight.
insight should contain the answer brief such that it invokes curiosity to blog post.
The next step in Brian Dean’s APP formula is where the writer Promise to deliver a solution.
Now this works like magic because the human mind only wants to listen to whatever adds value.
Now that you have a topic to write about, it is time to subheadings your posts.

Break main Blog Post topic into subheadings

Breaking a blog post topic into subheading makes it easier to get points to each sub-heading.
This is especially a good practice because it gives the reader the idea that you know what you say.
It also gives your audience the ability to easily scheme through content.
It makes it easy to read your blog post content.
user experience is everything for Google and over the years this has been very clear.
When your site visitors are satisfied with your treat, they will come back. this, in turn, helps ranking big time.
NOTE: Put your Focus keywords into 3 or 4 of your blog post subheading.
If you follow and pay attention to small details like this is key to improving your ranking in a short time.
notice how I have been adding ”how to write better blog posts” to some subheading? this is because that is my keyword.
But wait that is not all!
Yoast Seo does a greater job of reminding you there is no subheading carrying a focus keyword.
The Yoast SEO help in a lot better ways but that might be a topic for another day.

Write Paragraphs of 3-4 Lines Long 

A too lengthy paragraph can hurt the eyes. If a person is trying to skim through the content of a page on your blog, it becomes harder.
Shorter paragraph engages readers more as it is much easy to digest.
writing a 3-4 paragraph is good. This practice will help your blog audience to continue reading your blog post.
Trust me everyone wants something that is less difficult to understand.

Interlink to other blog posts on your site

Good interlinking between post is also a very important step to keep your readers engaged.
It is also important for building Seo and quality backlinks.
Interlinking between blog post systematically is power.
you get the worth of a million visitors hooked and ready to read every blog posts you have.
A post with shorter sentences increases dwells time.
This will tell Google that your content is a good fit for the keyword and will rank you higher in SERP.
In building your own blog, it is paramount to pay attention to tiny details.
Most important is taking the user experience of your audience into accountability.
Many big bloggers out there and SEO experts do this simple strategy to build their blog.
I mean the likes of Neil Patel is one of the big gurus in the Seo Industry.
Some days back I happened to be following Neil Patels own idea of how to write better blog posts.
While I read the first six lines, I noticed the way he linked within his blog posts and to other sites.
I felt intrigued by his ability to engage the readers of his blog by giving them quality information.
I always advise that you link out to the sites from which you got more information when writing a blockbuster blog post.
Some persons fear that when you link out, you may lose your traffic.
This can be true but usually, when you direct a person to something important, they don’t forget easily.

Use Good Quality Images

quality image
Making use of quality images in your blog post is a very rewarding practice.
Recently study on social media shows that more people engaged with images than text.
Good images have within itself the power to convey a point where text fails.
Using images is good but what you want to do is to use the right image in your posts. Using the right image within a blog post can offer closure to the followers of your blog.
While this a good practice, do not fill it with images.
Sites like offer free nonstock photos. My advice is when next you wish to write that blog post, do well to add good images.
Quality images in your post are essential to keep your audience from social media glued.
Do you know that if the sizes of images in your blog are too big, this can cause slow loading? Yes, you heard right.
While this must be prevented from happening, there are plugins to compress images.
Shortpixel plugin is good for reducing image sizes. This, in turn, will increase the speed of your site.
Remember that using good images to portray what your content says can increase CTR.
In increasing CTR, there is a high probability of an increase in the number of people that shares your content.
Adding 5 to 7 images is good to make your blog posts look nice.

How to Write Better Blog Posts Fast With Google TEXT TO SPEECH

Use a speech to text tool after having a 5-7 subheading for making your writing easy.
All you have to do is talk and the tool writes what you say. I would recommend Google Speech to text for this purpose. Google doc supports this function and it is an easy tool to use for writing better.

End With Conclusion

I find this practice to be very favorable because it helps recap some of my points within the post.
I also love ending with asking a question. The question is aimed at getting engaged with your audience.
When you engage with your audience, it gives them a better understanding of who you are.
So when next you are thinking about how to write better blog posts, consider asking a question at the end. This will help your audience connect with you.


So there you have it! this is everything you need on how to write better blog posts and be fast using google speech to test.
Writing a blog post is tedious if I want to be honest. Although it gets easier with time because the more you write, the better it gets.
How will you write your blog posts hassle free and what are the tools you recommend?

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