How to make money online in Nigeria Today Quickly

how to make money online in Nigeria

So today I will show you How to make money online in Nigeria with your new blog!

how to make money online in Nigeria

Image shows actionable steps to make money from home in Nigeria

Sounds good yes?
well, here is how to do that without breaking a sweat as many others may have you believe.
So are you ready it?
Here is how to make money online in Nigeria. Ad networks, Affiliate marketing, digital products, physical products and sell membership.
Table of Content
  • why is it so hard to make money online?
  • How do I Make Money Online in Nigeria
  • Is Making Money Online Real in Nigeria
  • How much can I Make blogging in Nigeria
  • Why Good Content Matters to a New Blog.
Are you wondering how to make money online in Nigeria with your new blog?
Stop to wonder and follow this step by step guide to make money blogging.
Do you want to know how people make money online? chances are your answer is yes.
Well! I agree with you that sometimes this can be a milestone.
But I want to let you know that it can be easy to do this if you follow the proven ways that I will show you below.
The first question is!

why is it so hard to make money online

In this subheading, I will cover why you are not making money online with your new blog.
There are millions of blogs online published every day and only a few blogs end up making money.
Why is this?
I did research some weeks back and I came up with one of the most common reasons why you are not making money with your blog.
This is because you do not follow proven steps and principles.
While a lot of people are making tons of money online by setting up a niche blog.
I notice during my research a lot of people could not even make a dollar with a simple niche blog.
This is because of the fact that you consume every information at your disposal.
Now, you may want to argue that learning is good but wait I never said it was not right?


Apply Knowledge to Make Money Online

Learning isn’t a bad thing but the real question is what do you do with all the tons of things you have learned.
I ask this question because it is easy to learn that it is to practice that which you have learned.
It is one thing to want to know how to make money online in Nigeria and one of the common yet frustrating ways to do is by owning a blog but hey come on.
Like everything else one has to be focus and follow steps and principles that works.
You are not making money because you are not applying principles that have work for the big guns in your niche.
If you follow the working principles of making money online, you too can start making good money.
But wait here is the cash!
In other to solve this problem, follow the steps and principles that work. Also, learn to apply some if not all what you have learned.
This is because you don’t want to learn how to start a blog in 15 minutes then wait for what you have learned to apply itself.
You will have to apply what you learn.

How Do I Make Money Online in Nigeria

You are here because you do not know how to make money online in Nigeria.
Well, it does not have to be hard you know but it takes consistency and smart work.
I will cover all I know to the best of my knowledge to answer your question about how to make money online in Nigeria.
Having said this, it is worthy to mention that making money online can be the best decision anyone can ever make.
I say this because blogging changed my life when I made the decision to blog and be my own boss.
Making money via my blog was the best decision I have ever made well.
My girlfriend Gloria could attest to this because am always on my laptop trying to figure out the next big move.
Enough of the little stories lets dive into all you need to know about some of the things you can do to make money online.

How do bloggers make money online in Nigeria?

Blog Nigeria make money through CPC Ads or PPC Ads. Also known as cost per click and pay per click.
Bloggers in Nigeria make money blogging from home by using ad networks. Google Adsense is the most common in Nigeria.
  • Ad Networks
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sell Digital Products
  • Sell Physical Products
  • Membership space
  • Build Authority and Reliability.

Ad Networks (Google Adsense,

These days Google Ads (Adsense) is one of the best and creative ways to make money online in Nigeria.
Visit 100 of Nigeria websites or blog, 90% have Adsense on their site.
Although not always my most recommended, we will get to that another time.
Amidst the competition of several Ads Network out there, Google stands out from the rest.
The company improved its Ads targeting giving publishers better servicing.
If you are looking to make money online then CPC Ads Network is one of the right places to start.
All you have to do is copy and paste an HTML code in your site.
drive visitors to some of the popular pages of your site then start making money. It is that simple and quick.
I am using Google Adsense for emphasis because it is the most popular CPC Ad network.
To start seeing Google Ads display on your site, you would first need to register for Google Adsense.
Below I will work you through how to do this in one easy, less time-consuming step.

Steps to register for Google Adsense in Nigeria

  • Type in Google Adsense on your address bar
  • From the displayed result on SERPS, click on
  • Click on Sign Up now
  • Fill in the name of your new blog or website
  • Fill in your Email address
  • Check the box that says send me customized help performance suggestion
  • Click Continue
  • Select your country or territory
  • Review and accept the AdSense Terms and Conditions
  • Click Create account. You’re now signed in to your new AdSense account.
Once you are through with the above steps, wait for the Adsense team to review your registration.
However, this does not guarantee your registration will be confirmed.
There are Adsense policies and guidelines to follow for you to be accepted into the Google ad network.
Here’s is a post on how to get Adsense account approved. I am positive if you follow the steps, your account will be activated.
As soon as the team finishes the review, you get an email welcoming you to Adsense.
At this stage what remains is for you to log into your Adsense account with your email and password.
Navigate your dashboard a little then create Ad units to help you get a code to put into the header and footer of your site.
See this article for a complete guide to Adsense.
There are different types of Adsense account and these are hosted Adsense account and non hosted Adsense account.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the number one on my list because it works better and has the capacity to rake in big cash.
I recommend it because you don’t need tons of traffic for you to start seeing a positive result, unlike CPC Ads.
Don’t get this wrong, you need traffic but not as much of the same quantity needed to see a result on CPC or CPM Ads.

What is affiliate marketing and How Do I Make Money with It?

Affiliate marketing is taking a product that you like or have used and then promote it for a commission.
The merchant pays you an incentive for anyone that completes this process i.e (buy the product).
Affiliate marketing can be promoted using a personal blog or on social media.
Whichever way you choose to use, it is imperative you understand the group of people involved.
The Merchant is the owner of the product and the person promoting the product is the Affiliate.
To be an affiliate marketer in Nigeria is super easy. but to make money with it you have to either be a Merchant or an Affiliate.
sometimes I like to believe that there is a Network which is the third party that completes the circle.
Although many do not consider the Network as important as the Affiliate and Merchant.
But he is as important because he acts as the intermediary between the merchant and Affiliate.
There is a lot of affiliate Network and one of the biggest is click bank and Amazon.
Affiliate marketing programs are the way to go if you are looking to make a decent living online.
All you have got to do is find a product from a vast variation and promote it.
My advice is this, find products that people would love and by love I mean the product should solve a problem.
If it does not help solve a problem chances are your consumers may never patronize you again.
This is because a human being wants satisfaction to the full once they cough out money to pay for something.

How To Register and Become an Affiliate Marketer

Well like ABC It is easy to register for an affiliate program.
Follow these steps to do this once you have decided to take action and start making some money online.
  • Go to the site or brand that offers affiliate programs e.g Amazon or Clickbank
  • Create an account with Amazon or Clickbank
  • Find a product you wish to promote (Promote what is already working for someone else)
  • Promote your Affiliate link on your Blog or promote it on Social media.
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Sell Digital Products

As someone who is kicking his blog as a beginner, this isn’t the way you want to go.
At least not until you have the vital information on how to create and sell a product online.
Digital products like E-book creation requires mastering.
This is because you don’t want your first digital product to be crap.
Tell you what! people like the best kinds of stuff simplified and broken down.
To give people something that is worth their time and money are what you want to aim at.
Humans have a way of saying please take my money when they get a ton of satisfaction from your product.
Treat your blog as a friend because it has the ability to make you money over a long period of time if you work hard enough.
In other to create and sell digital products, it is important to consider these questions.
  • How do I create a digital product that sells itself until forever comes
  • What are the tools needed to create a successful digital product
  • What set of skills do I need
  • How do I determine if my products will sell?
In other to answer this question go Here for the necessary pieces of information to learn how to create a digital product.

What is a Digital Product

Let me try to simplify this much as possible.
A digital product is a product that has the ability to generate money and provide satisfaction to consumers and users alike continuously after creation.
Some examples of digital products are E-books, E-courses, Software, Videos, Photography e.t.c.
In the coming days, I will treat this as a topic of its own.
but for this post, the link above covers an in-depth guide and all you need to know about creating a digital product.
Having created your first digital product, your blog is a good way to reach out to your Audience to buy that product.
Most people use leads funnel to complete this process.
A lead generation funnel tool is used to convert lead prospect customer into business.
it is also used to start the lead generation effort according to JDR-GROUP it is a tool for a marketing manager to improve their lead generation strategy.
Every step in the funnel is gear towards converting a lead prospect into a customer.
This is important because, for your new product to sell, you need leads (people) willing to pay for the product.
Sell Physical Products
Another way to make money with your new blog is by selling a physical product.
Physical products are goods you sell and ship to whoever bought it ( customers).
It is advisable to include a shipping option for your store.
This makes it easy to add tracking numbers to the store.
Because it is important for customers to track whatever they bought.
Assuming you already own a blog, you can start to make money by selling a physical product.
Your blog is a good way to do this because you can use it as a medium to get people to know your brand. and it can give them more insight into what you offer.
Some examples of physical products are books, handmade products e.t.c.
Next in my list of how to make money online in Nigeria is the membership space.
Membership space
The 5th way you can decide to make money with your blog is by selling membership space.
As a new blogger or beginner blogger, whatever it is called these days.
It is important you leave this for the latter part of your blogging journey.
I will still tell you how you can make money from this though.
Take for instance you an expert on starting up small businesses.
You can sell a membership space to people that wish to learn a thing or two about starting up small businesses.
This money can be collected on a monthly or yearly basis but it is important to be an expert in order to excel here.
Because people like to know if you are reliable and can be trustworthy.
Once people get a ton of satisfaction from your forum others will be recommended and that is more money.
Now the goal is to offer quality because if the information you provide can be seen somewhere else.
for a much less stress-free and convenient way then nobody would want to pay you for something they can get for free elsewhere.
Let’s talk about building authority as another step in how to make money online in Nigeria.

Build Authority and Reliability

Building authority and reliability is very important in other to make some cool money via a blog.
One way to make money with this is by being an expert in your field. Although this does not make you money directly.
But people would believe the advice of an expert on a particular topic than believe someone who isn’t one.
In return what this can give you is authority and reliability.
Once people believe your advice as an expert you can be paid to be an inspirational speaker.
You can also charge people who are willing to pick your brain for a reasonable amount of your time per week.
If you build a blog, what is important to consider from the beginning is finding solutions to a problem.
If you can solve a problem when someone is willing to pay you any amount to make their problem go away.

Is Making Money Online Real in Nigeria?

I hate to break it to but you wouldn’t be the first person who thinks making money online or with a blog is next to impossible.
As a matter of fact, once asked this question in a conference. Imagine my surprise when everyone in the room turned around to look at me.
When I look back I would say that day it felt like the most stupid question I have ever asked in my life.
But I tell you what I am so glad I was able to ask that question because it changed my life.
Until that day I never would have thought that it is possible to sit at home and make money from my home.
Actually, when I received my first Google Adsense payment I literally went bananas.
My First Check Felt Good
My point is it felt good seeing all that chunk of money and being able to do with it as I see fit.
Also, my second check came from a content advertisement.
trust me for someone who once asked a stupid question in a conference filled with people from all walks of life.
I sure was having a turn around of a lifetime.
till date, I bet if when I look back I say that question was the best I could have asked.
People ask me this question all the time “Is making money online real in Nigeria” and here is the answer I give ” Hell yes it is real “.
It is real but not without dedication, hard work, and perseverance.
Some of those days it was hell and I felt like actually quitting but for some reasons it was my only hope.
I use some of the money I first earn to pay for my tuition fee and till date, I kept the receipt for that transaction.
Now take this home will you, making money with the first blog can be a milestone but if you give it your all it will be worth it.

How much can I Make blogging in Nigeria?

There is no limit to how much I can make blogging so also there is no limit to how much you can make blogging.
In the first couple of months, it is rough just like everything else.
But if you follow what has been working for others like the big guns in your niche.
over time you master the art of good content writing and solve problems then you will succeed.
Some of the ways how to make money online in Nigeria as a student can be tedious. But you must work hard.
I tell you the grass is green so long you work smart and hard enough.

Why Good Content Matters to a New Blog

Well no matter how much I try to emphasize the power of good content, I can’t find the right words to do this.
Content is what search engine as we all know is built for.
A good content tells google web crawlers that this is the good stuff so we have to rank it.
After google’s hummingbird update which saw site without good contents plummet.
The minimum word count of blog posts, content ranking in google SERPS is no less than 1500 words.
This is to tell you that good content is required to make money with your blog in Nigeria.
If your blog lacks content then the chances of you ranking on Google is little to none. Content is the key to a better ranking in SERPS.
It is needless to say that you are missing out on that organic traffic every day.
Write good content with good quality backlinks and you be able to rank for a keyword of your choosing.
Good content should be able to explain the topic you are writing about such a way the user understands it.
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There you have it, my complete list of how to make money online in Nigeria
Making money with a blog in Nigeria is easy should you follow what has been working for people already.
If you wish to make money with your blog.
which of the methods will you first give a try? CPC Ads, Affiliate marketing, Sell digital or physical products?
Use the comment box to drop your answer.

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