Google AdSense Vs Affiliate marketing: Actionable guide

google adsense vs affiliate marketing

Today’s topic is Google Adsense vs affiliate marketing, Which is best to monetize WordPress blog.

google adsense vs affiliate marketing

Google Adsense

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As you and I dive deep!


I will be showing you how to monetize WordPress websites whether Adsense or affiliate marketing.


Well, before I continue to teach you, quickly check my detailed step by step guide how to build a blog in less than 30 minutes


I believe it can help you get started in no time. Recently I was making a comparison between affiliate marketing and Google ads.


I was curious to know which had the greater ability to generate more online income


Guess what I find!


I found out that Generating an online income through affiliate marketing or Google Ads is pretty easy.


In my research I also found out “Affiliate marketing programs is by far a better way to earn income online”.


The truth is several experts has their opinion with regards to the topic.


However, talk about Google Adsense vs affiliate marketing can spark debate for good Adsense ads lovers.


Table of Content

  • What is Affiliate marketing and how does it work
  • How do affiliates make money
  • Is Affiliate marketing still profitable
  • can you make money with affiliate marketing
  • What is Google Ads
  • What is the difference between Affiliate marketing and Google Ads
  • Pros and cons of Affiliate marketing vs Google Adsense
  • Why Affiliate marketing is your best option

What is Affiliate Marketing and Does it Work

Affiliate marketing is promoting a merchant’s product by using a unique referral link.

affiliate marketing better than adsense

The merchant pays u a commission for anyone that buys his product through your unique referral link.

This is base upon revenue sharing according to Neil Patel. A study shows that affiliate marketing business is one of the most lucrative ways to earn a living online.


If you want a more in-depth definition of affiliate marketing, I will suggest you look into Pat Flynn’s smart passive income strategies.


Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting a merchant (or company’s) products.


You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

An affiliate marketer can start earning through with little or no capital. The part which I find to be amazing the most is that I have to do little or nothing.


let me clarify!


As an affiliate marketer, all that have to do is copy your referral link and promote it with some of the best traffic source available.


The merchant or company for which you are affiliated to do the rest of the job. Now, notice I have been using the word merchant?


that’s exactly where we are heading next so, sit tight because you are in for one hell of a ride.


Affiliate marketing Chain of distribution

Affiliate marketing involves a network of people ranging from the merchant, Affiliate down to the consumer.


Below we will discuss one after the other all the network of people involved in the affiliate marketing business.

  1. Merchant
  2. Affiliate
  3. Network
  4. Consumer

The Merchant

A Merchant in affiliate marketing business is the individual, company or organization that owns the product.


The merchant is the man who has the idea which converts into a finished product.


A merchant can either sell his product as a digital product or a physical product. Whatever works for him


The merchant is one of the two sides of affiliate marketing. These two sides are

  • The creator of the product or seller
  • The affiliate marketer.

Each of the two plays important roles in affiliate marketing. this is because we would not be able to talk Affiliate marketing business without the product creator or the affiliate marketer.


A merchant (product creator) gives actual incentives to the affiliate marketer. It is for every visitors that buy his product through the affiliates unique link.

The Affiliate

An affiliate can range from an organization or company down to an individual.


The affiliate takes whatever product he feels like promoting from a different merchant and promotes it using different traffic sources.


This could be a promotion with the aid of social media, blog or even paid advertising.


Neil Patel on one of his blog posts advises that paid advertising can be a huge waste of funds if there’s no lead magnet put in place to help convert visitors.


I agree with him because when a person uses paid advertising to drive traffic to a product, there has to be lead generation funnel to convert visitors into prospective buyers.


Email listing works just fine for this purpose. The affiliate drives his visitors to sign up in his or her email list and from there he can sell to them whenever he wants.


Personally, I use Hellobar for this purpose but you are welcome to try convert kit, MailChimp, Aweber among others.

The Network


When talking about affiliate marketing, so many in the organization according to Neil  forgets to add the network to the list.


What Neil said!

Only some consider the network part of the affiliate marketing equation.


But, I believe that an affiliate marketing guide needs to include networks. because in many cases, a network works as an intermediary between the affiliate and the merchant.


The network in affiliate marketing is responsible for taking different merchant products and help them handle the sale process.


A merchant that gives his product to a reputable organization such as Clickbank or commission junction.


This adds an extra authority to that product and a customer need a feel of trust before they can buy from you.


The consumer


An affiliate marketing equation wouldn’t be complete without the consumer.


The customer is the end in a chain of a cycle. Because he is the one that uses the product affiliates promote.


These days so many entrepreneurs are beginning to let the consumer know that they are part of the program.


I encourage this more because statistics show people trust someone that let them know what they are really getting into.


How Do affiliates make money


Affiliate marketers make money with affiliate links or affiliate ads. Basically what this means is:


An affiliate requests for a unique tracking link from the merchant. He puts the links in a blog post on the website or on the website.


He then shares the post carrying his affiliate links by running adverts on Adword, Facebook or twitter.


But wait that is not all!


Heck, the affiliate can also send this post to his email list assuming he has one. Leads collected through an option form is valued at $1, at least this is the math.


What is an affiliate link


An affiliate link is an HTML code that is generated by the Merchant of a product and given to the affiliate marketer.


The link is used to track conversion of the number of people who actually bought a product referred by the affiliate.


At the end of a weekly or a monthly basis, the affiliates incentive is calculated and paid to him by the merchant.


Is Affiliate Marketing still profitable


Affiliate marketing profits increase for an affiliate if there’s conversion. This is to say depending on the offer being promoted, Affiliate marketing can be very profitable.


Imagine an affiliate promoting a high ticket offer of $2000 of 50% commission. He probably needs just 1 sale to make $1000.


That’s how profitable affiliate marketing can be. Imagine if from the example above he is able to make 10 sales. At 50% commission, that’s like $10000 in profits.


So yes affiliate marketing is still very profitable but here is the catch, always promote products that are trending.


Can You Make Money with Affiliate Marketing


Making money with affiliate marketing is just as easy as sleeping on your bed. Now how do I know this?


Because I make money with affiliate marketing too. It is my major source of earning money from my sites.


All you have to do is find a product that is hot, drive traffic to it and money starts reeling in.


Too easy right?


So how much can you make from affiliate marketing?


There’s just no limit to how much you can make as an affiliate. A rough estimate would be anywhere from $0 to thousands of dollars.


here is how to make money with affiliate links.


  • Add your affiliate marketing link into blog posts, autoresponders emails, adverts, Solo Ads.


  • Publish or send your affiliate links.


That’s pretty much all you need to start making money online as an affiliate. Check out this blog post on how to build an email list.


Monetizing products through services works for marketers with their own website.


Assuming you are a coach of ketogenic diets, you can monetize your website by referring people to ketogenic products.


This is a good way to diversify your website income. Here are some affiliate website examples that are currently making more than six figures just with this affiliate revenue model.


What is Google Ads

Google Adsense is an HTML code that a publisher puts on a website or blog to display adverts of paid advertisers on Google in other to generate revenue on cost per click or per thousands of mile impressions basis.


Companies like Adsense. but the exact reason I don’t know because Google Adsense commission is nothing when compared to affiliate marketing websites.


Perhaps it’s an added source of generating revenue, one which is, by all means, can be done with.


Some websites like Google Adsense as a monetization technique.


but Adsense vs affiliate, I do rather go with the latter. Reasons which I have stated time and time again at the beginning of this post.


How Google Adsense works


So, here is how G ads works, copy add code from a personal approved Adsense account. and place it on your website or blog.


Here is a VIDEO to walk you through the process of putting Adsense ads on your site.


Although affiliate ads are better than google adsense, newbie bloggers believe Google ads Adsense is the way to go.


I notice that amateur bloggers buy google Adsense account. If you are reading this post, do not get involved in such act.


The consequences can be steep. because most of such accounts are gotten with several Adsense tricks. This big G strongly advice against in it’s adsense policies.


Check my post on how to get Adsense account for a step by step guide for getting a google ads to account approved.


Best Google Adsense account alternatives


ads for blogger other than Adsense is


Head over to the website and follow the instructions to get a approved.


Here is another definition of G Adsense according to Wikipedia


Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites. to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements. that are targeted to site content and audience.


These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google. They can generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis.



Google Adsense was created in 2003 and Google earned more than $4.3 billion annually just from Google Ads. Over the years the program has been evolving to better serve publishers and stop an act of fraud for those looking to rip the program apart.


After reading Wikipedia Adsense meaning, it’s safe to say that the easiest way to make money with Adsense is by abiding to the big G to’s.


How to Use Google Adsense


Assuming you already have a Google Adsense sign up and approved. Follow these next steps


  • Traffic
  • Search AdSense on the address bar
  • Click the 1st or 2nd result in SERPS
  • Login with Gmail account and password
  • Create and copy ad code
  • Login to your WordPress site dashboard
  • Download from WordPress plugin repository download “Insert Header and Footer
  • Install and activate it
  • Paste the copied ad code into the box provided
  • Drive traffic either with SEO or social media


Do all of this and google Adsense code goes live on your site.


Difference between Google Adsense vs Affiliate Marketing

g ads

Affiliate marketing relies basically on an affiliates marketing skill to pitch a sale to its audience.


However, sales copy, funnels, traffic all play important roles for conversion to happen.


Google Adsense on the other hand solely depends on a cost per click and an ad impression per thousand miles to reel in some cash.


Many bloggers prefer using affiliate marketing to monetize their site as it’s more Lucrative. and it answers the question is affiliate marketing profitable.


Pros and Cons of Google Adsense vs Affiliate marketing

There are a lot of pros and cons between affiliate marketing and Google Adsense but for this post, we would only be considering a few that is very important to the topic of discussion.

Google Adsense Pros

  • Google Adsense is easy to use as all that is required of you is to copy and paste the code on your site and you start earning money for any visitors that click on your ad.


  • With Google Adsense, you probably do not need to start collecting emails for leads generation and looking for who to convert to a potential buyer. This becomes optional.


  • With Google Adsense, there is a wild variety of ads to choose from. This gives you an insight into the ads that are performing best for your site.


  • Adsense can pay money directly into your country’s bank account without requesting for a pioneer card or a PayPal account.


Google Adsense Cons

  • It pays peanut whenever the ad is clicked on. They make more money but gives you peanut for all your traffic


  • Adsense account forbids using ads from multiple networks on the same site that’s showing their ads.


  • Too much strict policy. If you didn’t take time to read all their policies, you can easily get your Adsense account banned for negligence


  • It takes an awfully lot of time to get an Adsense account approved. This can be way frustrating for newbie bloggers.

Affiliate marketing Pros

  •  easy to start by anyone.
  • Affiliate marketing pays more than Google Adsense penny.
  • Not much traffic is required to make sales. If individuals like a product he buys it even if he’s the only person online.

Affiliate marketing Cons

  • An affiliate needs to understand the market changes what product is selling in the current market which could a huge headache for newbie bloggers


  • affiliate marketer can only make money if a person buys a product that he is an affiliate of


  • An affiliate marketer can not write a negative review on a product he is marketing because bad reviews mean nobody will buy that product


  • Affiliate marketing does not have policies that get your account banned like Google Adsense


  • Affiliate marketing can help your niche down to a particular audience. This will help you to know and understand your audience better and also help serve them better.

Why Affiliate marketing is the Best Option

Over the years 8 out of 10 bloggers have used affiliate marketing to make quite a fortune for themselves.
Now, they didn’t come to this choice by chance. My guess is each and every one of the top bloggers has been able to realize that affiliate marketing offers better income than ads.
In the course of writing everything I know about this post. I also realize that while starting with Ads to monetize a site, it is not really your best option.
This is because Adsense actually pays peanut for all your traffics. Affiliate marketing, on the other hand. can pay you a commission of $10 up to $100 for each person you refer to use their product.
The reality of being a human is that every man wants a way of making more money even in his sleep.
That isn’t a bad thing because money solves lots of problems and gives a man the comfort he deserves.

Promote Different Affiliate Products

As an affiliate looking to earn more incentives. you can promote virtually more than one product related to your niche audience.
In most cases, it is advisable to promote products that you have used personally.
Take this advice well because promoting a product that an affiliate use gives an in-depth knowledge about the product.
You may also decide to promote a product you have never tried before. but a product you have used can give you a better writing experience.
Your audience has to trust that you know what you speak about and in turn, this will build their confidence in you.
Building trust and confidence is just as important as having content in your blog.
Trust makes people continue coming back to a product you are an affiliate to and that gives you more money to your bank account.
Affiliate marketing in recent years has continued to usurp ads placement. in the blogosphere because it provides a better source of improved income.
Man, on the other hand, needs more money to pay for bills and solve every other problem they have in real time.
Each of the two sources of income online is great and while it is advisable that newbie bloggers start with Google Adsense.
it is a more Lucrative choice to go with affiliate marketing because it provides better income source.
Where Google Adsense needs a ton of traffic to start making somewhat real cash. affiliate marketing depends on the affiliates ability to market well.


Affiliate marketing is a more better source of income.


It gives better commission to the affiliate and also it offers the affiliate the ability to access what is actually working in the market at a particular time.


So from this Google AdSense vs affiliate marketing review. If you are a blogger, which of the two methods of earning a passive income would you choose affiliate marketing or Google Ads?


Use the comment box below to drop your opinion most especially because we will reply to it.


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