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Mone Nuel

Took this photo at AGM Wings Hotel

2017 at my uncle’s hotel, took this photo shortly after I had a discussion with him about having a website for his business.

Looking for the right person to hold your hands every step on the way as you make your first online money? Well, you are in the right place.

Here at Wideupdate, I show you how to be successful online with my actionable online courses. The good thing is we provide blog content that even without taking our courses, you are still bound to succeed.

Success for newbie and amateur bloggers alike are my top priority. This is so because during my years of blogging I had to learn the hard way. Now I do not want you to make the same mistake I did.

This is why I create a blog post and online courses that will make it easier for you to succeed in the blogosphere.

Freelance Content Writing

Are you looking for a good content writer that knows the type of content and word count that ranks? Look no further because I am your guy.

My content writing skill has developed in my years of blogging and it was all through serious practice. You can rest assured that you don’t get disappointed when you hire me to write your content.


Here at wideupdate, I coach student from being totally unaware of how the internet works. I then turn them into learned people who are ready to make their first dollar online.

I am the Mrmakemoney guy at least this is how I remember my brother call me.

About Mone Nuel

I started my first blog in 2015, although I cannot say it was a great experience, because I had to scour the internet night and day. No help whatsoever, just me trying to succeed.

After many trials and errors, the night dawned and I made my first $800 with Google Adsense. You can imagine my joy elevating over the rooftop.


My lovely brother snapped me.

I quickly saw a rise in Adsense checks the next years that went with it. It was truly a dream come true. but then I was blogging day and night.

Blogging was really taking a toll me because I had a blog in entertainment niche. If there is one thing I learned from blogging in the entertainment niche, it will be that it is hell demanding.

I mean you have to post new contents every day in other to please your audience and to keep them engaged. Now when I look back I could have spent all those time in a niche where I don’t have to blog every day.

Although the experience I gained helped me in my other blogs. but I honestly would say that is not the road I would advise anyone to go down.

Fast forward to 2019, I am proud to say I can teach you how to be successful if you are new to making money online. You can check this  How to start a blog for a quick guide. Once you are done with that then check my list on to make money online blogging.

Basically, I take what will be complex for you to understand and then I break it down for your understanding. This has made friends and family alike to always ask for my advice on areas I am well vast.

Hobbies and Sport

I love reading and learning new things but most importantly I always wanted to be a footballer. As many of you may know, one doesn’t always get what we want in life.

But if anything, it is that I am glad at the part I decided to take afterward because it made me be able to teach you well.

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